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The #1 Creative Tech Summer Camp

Hands-on team projects • Visiting experts • Prepare for college & beyond

Video Game Developmentis a 5-day camp exploring how making games can change the world. Games for Impact Camp will cover gaming fundamentals, building physical games, video games, and VR experiences. Campers will experience a survey of the gaming industry with expert guest lecturers and opportunities to make their own meaningful work in the space.

Create pixel art

Make VR Games with JavaScript

This camp is for teens interested in designing games! No previous experience is required

Campers will be introduced to:

  • Game Mechanics
  • Playtesting
  • Web games
  • VR Development
  • Research and Storytelling
  • JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Virtual Camp Details

Virtual camps are broken up into one week (5-day) programs and run for 3 hours a day. Each day includes:

  • Hour 1: Livestreamed expert talk and overview on the day's topic
  • Hour 2: Hands-on workshops and games
  • Hour 3: Individualized office hours and work time

Campers are broken up into teams of 7 per instructor based on their skill level and age (13-15 and 16-18).

Campers of all experience levels are welcome; there aren't any pre-requisites to participate.

After Camp Resources

Campers will have access to learning materials, labs, and extension activities every day after camp. Coaches will be available to help, and the Discord community is always open to share their work with other campers.

Once camp ends, the monitored Discord community stays open! Campers will continue to access to our expert instructors and coaches as they prepare for internships and college.

Details & Location

Camp is broken up into one week (5-day) programs and run from 10am to 2pm each day.

Every day will feature a new expert coming in to talk about their work and run workshops with campers.

Camp is located at Wonderville in Brooklyn. Wonderville is amongst the most unique arcades and creative technology spaces in New York.  The facility and all of the games have been custom-built by local tech artists, which has created a beautiful cyber essence. Not only is the indoor space amazing, but there is a great backyard that our team is going to activate.

Over the course of the pandemic, Wonderville transformed and added the capabilities of a high-tech education studio and maker-space. Cyber Arts has rented the entire venue for July to create the coolest learning dojo in New York, that only you will have access to.  

Coaches from Top Universities
“Cyber Arts is one of my favorite new startups. They had put a shipping container next to the Mississippi River and young people were inside learning coding, tech, and internet of things. It was fabulous!
- Megan Smith, former CTO of the United States, in an article for Business Insider

Why Cyber Arts

Cyber Arts is not a regular summer camp or just another large-scale, corporate coding and STEM school. We are a small, strategically managed operation that emphasizes an exciting learning experience and personalized small team programming.

Campers participate in hands-on workshops with expert instructors and coaches from top undergraduate universities, including Princeton, Brown, and MIT. With Cyber Arts Camps, students learn with hands-on kits and by building exciting finished resume-ready projects.

Our mission is to empower students to harness the full potential of their minds as they take on high school, college, and life. The rapid advancements of technology are completely reinventing how the world works, and we want to make sure we give teens every tool they need to change our cities, communities, and world for the better.

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