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How is technology changing living things? In this camp, participants will explore that question with hands-on workshops and experiments. Campers will learn about CRISPR and use this technology themselves. They’ll work on hacking and creating wearables to extend their senses and how people interact with each other in physical space, and use sensors to connect their body to custom technologies.

Discussions will focus on the world outside of camp as well: how can bacteria help with climate change? What if we could convert the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the environment to automobile fuel using algae, clean up oil spills by using engineered bacteria, or even light our streets using plants that glow? 

This camp is for teens interested in science and technology who want to go beyond the lab and work with technologies that could change the world.

Campers will be introduced to:

  • Designing for bodies / extending bodies and senses
  • Art with bacteria
  • 3D Printing
  • Sensors and Arduino programming

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Mari just finished Web Development this week and she raved about how much she learned, how much fun she had, and gave a lot of praise to the instructor. She said they were a great teacher (very patient and understanding).
— Joelle, Parent

“Attending classes with a live instructor was very beneficial to my son’s learning. We were able to interact and ask questions as we needed. There was great feedback and the live instructor was able to add personal touches to the projects. The instructor was very personable and quick to set limits when needed. My son enjoyed seeing other classmates’ projects and being able to post his project into the live chat.

This tool was a great introduction to coding but also went into more depth than just basic coding instruction.”
— Tricia, School Administrator and Parent

"[CyberArts Camp] is one of my favorite new startups. They had taken a shipping container, put STEM work stuff in sude, and young people were in learning coding, and tech, and internet of things inside. It was fabulous."

Megan Smith, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, in Bloomberg News

Why CyberArts

Cyber Arts Camp is a transformative educational experience for teens who are inspired to leverage new technologies to transform tomorrow’s world. Cyber Arts Camp is run by experts in the creative technology and social impact startup space. Camp organizers have experiences at Google, starting world-leading educational companies, and running educational programs in Shenzhen China, New York, San Francisco, and online.