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About Hacker Simulator

Hacker Simulator: Fall 2021 is a unique semester-long program for anyone interested in cybersecurity, privacy, and technology. In Hacker Camp, teens will learn white hat hacking skills from experts running security at companies like Google. This is your environment to practice Linux commands, port scanning, cracking passwords, exploitation of bugs, and so much more. Guests will include experts from Google and the US Government Security teams.

Projects include using Linux to hack into systems and IoT devices and team-based capture the flag activities. Campers will use the command line, Shodan (often called 'Hacker Google'), where they can search for connected devices and even resources like Google Search and Maps for certain activities. We are also running different virtual escape-room and scavenger hunt-style games.

Topics We'll Cover

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Website Exploitation
  • Wifi Hacking
  • Cryptography
  • Pentesting
  • IoT (Internet of Things)

World-class Speakers

Jean joins Cyber Arts to teach lockpicking, both with computers and with physical locks. He dropped out of high school to pursue music, and now spends his time as a Google Site Reliability Engineer maintaining and defending the systems behind all of Google’s tools.

Seva is an elite computer scientist that has designed everything from financial trading networks to trans-Atlantic internet systems. Seva also played a major role in NYC Mesh network, which is one of the most unique internet providers on the planet that's mission is to give free, equitable internet access.

Sofy is a hardware hacker, artist, and educator working with video, interactivity, projections, and code. Sofy's performances enact and reframe hegemonies, she works with materials that exemplify our deep entanglement with petro-culture and technology’s affect on consciousness. She has worked on projects at Eyebeam, 3LD, ARS Electronica, Games for Learning Institute, The National Mall and has taught at GAFFTA,  NYU, and Srishti.

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My son LOVED Hacker Simulator! Between the instructors/speakers and the immersive labs… he loved all of the information and “hands-on” experience. Totally recommend, we can’t wait to see what they offer next! Thanks for an awesome week.



[CyberArts Camp] is one of my favorite new startups. They had taken a shipping container, and young people were learning coding, and tech, and internet of things inside. It was fabulous.

Megan Smith

Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, for Bloomberg News

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