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Hacker Simulator Club

November 16th | join monthly

Learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity!

Hacker Simulator is a unique program for anyone who has an interest in cybersecurity, privacy, and technology. In Hacker Camp teens will learn white hat hacking skills from experts running security at companies like Google. This is your environment to practice Linux commands, port scanning, cracking passwords, exploitation of bugs and so much more. Guests will include experts from Google and the US Government Security teams.

Projects include using Linux to hack into systems and IoT devices, and team-based capture the flag activities. Campers will be using the command line, Shodan (often called 'Hacker Google', where they can search for connected devices), and even resources like Google Search and Maps for certain activities. We're also running different virtual escape-room and scavenger hunt-style games.  

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Past Programs

Teen Summer Camp: Bioengineering and the Cyborg Future

Learn biohacking with technologies like CRISPR and IoT

July 5-9

Teen Summer Camp: Hacker Simulator

Learn about hacking and cybersecurity through interactive games

July 12-16

Teen Summer Camp: Video Game Development

Create amazing, finished games: a platform game, a text-based adventure, custom 3D models and a virtual reality world. Coaches from NYU, Brown University, and MIT and featured speakers lead small teams through the world of video game creation.

July 19-23

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