Cybersecurity  Camp

July 10 - 21st (Virtual)
12:30 - 2:30 pm EST
9:30 - 11:30 am PST

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Ethical Hacking &
Cybersecurity Summer Camp

Safe & Secure
Ages 13 - 18 | Beginner & Intermediate
2 weeks for  $99 | Virtual

Work with experts from US intelligence agencies, security teams, and infosec startups to learn cybersecurity.

Enter the world-class and gamified virtual Hacker Simulator in a live, team-based environment.

  • Gamified Learning in the Hacker Simulator
    Head-to-head team competitions like virtual capture the flag that get our students engaged while learning brand new concepts.

  • Virtual Classroom with a Community
    Live streams paired with a community of coaches, peers, and instructors make students feel heard and make learning more fun.

  • Open to All Experience Levels
    Whether your teen has zero experience or is already coding their own projects, we give them the tools and attention they need to learn.

Camp Topics

Design, History & Future of the Internet
Hacking applications & platforms
International Cyber Relations
Wifi & IoT Hacking
Linux, Networking & Wireshark
Penetration Testing
Threat Hunting & Mobile Forensics
Social engineering
Footprinting & Reconnaissance
My son LOVED Hacker Simulator! Between the instructors/speakers and the immersive labs… he loved all of the information and “hands-on” experience - totally recommend, we can’t wait to see what they offer next! Thanks for an awesome week.
My son recently attended the hacking camp and he absolutely loved it. Super organized and well put together. I’d sign him up again in a heartbeat.
Students working on a 3D electronic art project at a previous Cyber Arts Camp.
Man! We should be learning these things in my Master's cybersecurity program.
Hacker Simulator Coach
Your team hires great people - I really appreciate their patience with my students.
High School Program Coordinator
My teens love you guys. I've never had them ask if they could come to a program instead of PE  like they do with yours.
YWCA Program Director
Wow, these simulations are awesome. This is such a special way to learn.
Network Engineering Advisor
This experience and what you are teaching these teens is something special. You're changing their lives forever.
Program Director, SLAM Summer Academy
Art installation with  in the desert created during a previous Cyber Arts camp.
As Featured in
“Cyber Arts is one of my favorite new startups. They had put a shipping container next to the Mississippi River and young people were inside learning coding, tech, and internet of things. It was fabulous!
- Megan Smith, former CTO of the United States, in an article for Business Insider

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